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Transforming Lives Through Programming Literacy

Coding Dojo is an award-winning global education tech company that was first established in the United States of America (U.S.A) and has since helped 6,000+ students successfully transform and kickstart careers, now in the Philippines.

On-campus instruction to resume depending on local safety protocols

Founded in 2013 | 6000 + Alumnus | Global Online Presence

Delivering education online since 2013

Onsite Bootcamp to Virtual Bootcamp

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Learn Software Development and Data Science


Data Science and Machine Learning


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Learn Software Development and Data Science

Immersive, Innovative Methodologies


Immersive project-based  

collaborative learning to rapidly develop technical skills.

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Learning Science

The industry’s most

comprehensive approach to training tech talent.

Demand Driven Curriculum

Every year, we refine our curriculum offerings to match local tech talent needs.

Platform  Learning Analytics

Equipped with our in-house curriculum and ready to be deployed to your instructors and students.

Our Partnership Opportunities

Coding Dojo PH aims to help different companies to build up their  current tech talent pool or even expand it through our Coding Bootcamp.


We have engagement options that include reskilling, upskilling, and even external sponsorship that gives an opportunity for companies to tap into outside talents.


We aim to build and expand the horizon of the tech industry in the Philippines and we are looking to partner with businesses and individuals that foresee the same vision and future.

Ways to engage


Open the opportunities to internal employees

Partner Employer

Offers  employment opportunities to graduates


Add more skills to existing resources to meet the business needs

Career Compassion Program

Serves as your Corporate Social Responsibility by offering scholarships 

External Via Sponsorship

Pre-screen and sponsor students to create the required talent pool

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Corporate Partnership

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