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Career Compassion Program

In line with our mission, where we want to extend the opportunity to as many people as possible and ultimately change lives, we will offer scholarship to 1 pre-qualified student per class. Therefore, if you avail our program, you are actually contributing to the scholarship as well.


If your company is purely looking for an option to perform Corporate Social Responsibility, we can work out an arrangement as well. Bottom line, we can work together and impact as many lives as possible!

How It Works


Who can qualify as a Scholar?


Profile & Requirements


  1. Senior High School students from Public Schools - target is at least 17 yo

  2. Any Filipino citizen ages 17 to 45, employed or unemployed, with monthly income of P12,000 or less.

  3. Has a conducive place for online learning for around 20-25 hrs per week. This includes a reliable internet connection.

  4. Computer literate.

  5. Has an email address and mobile number.


Selection Process


For Senior High School students


  1. Request for nominations from the school.

  2. Interview candidates. Qualify interest, commitment and readiness.

  3. Shortlist candidates for final screening with the Sponsor.


For Any Filipino Citizen

  1. Fill out the Application form.

  2. Screen applications and trim down for phone interviews to qualify interest, commitment and readiness.

  3. Shortlist candidates for final screening with the Sponsor.


Program Proper


  • Scholar’s performance report will be tracked and shared with the Sponsor at least every 2 weeks until graduation.


  • In case the Scholar needs to drop the course for whatever reason, Sponsor will be informed immediately. If it happens within the 1st week of class, we will try to fill the slot with the next in line applicant that was part of the shortlisted candidates, with the permission of the Sponsor.


  • For the Scholar’s main project for the course, the Sponsor can provide a real business case that they want the Scholar to tackle or work on.


                                                                                                       List of Available Programs










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Show of Appreciation


With your permission, we will publish the positive news of your Sponsorship through our social media channels to demonstrate our appreciation for your Compassion. That way more people will be made aware of your remarkable generosity!

Contact us for more information

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